Electric scooters in Pakistan 2024

Electric scooters in Pakistan 2024

Electric scooters are also known as e-scooters. It is the latest innovation in the modern world, including Pakistan. These scooters are available at an affordable price. They deliver an eco-friendly mode of public transit. Initially, they were introduced as a novelty item, but now they have become a necessity for society. E-scooters provide an eco-friendly environment.

Benefits of Electric bikes in 2024

Electric scooters do not require gasoline and take less upkeep, which makes them more cost-effective for daily use. They are free of emissions while in operation, which leads to a reduction in greenhouse gases and air pollution. They are also quite simple to use and flexible, which makes them suitable to navigate around crowded city streets.

E-scooters are sleek and small and take up less space, which helps to reduce traffic jams. Hence, this micromobility can make a valuable contribution to city transport. Their speed and ease allow users to avoid traffic and get to their destinations quickly.

Available Electric bikes in pakistan

Recently, a study showed the major cause of CO2 emissions is the transportation sector and urged the use of electric mobility to reduce pollution. So Pakistan will introduce 100,000 electric vehicles in 2020. The demand for electric scooters is rising in Pakistan due to their easy usage and effective ride. It is anticipated that the market value of e-scooters will be $507.60 in 2024. As per estimates, the overall number of consumers will reach 54.76k in the future..

In terms of global comparison, the US is likely to earn the greatest income in the E-Scooter marketplace, with an estimated worth of $768,400 by 2024. Although Pakistan’s expected progress in the sector is encouraging, they are implying the use of electronic scooters in the future.

Popular E-scooter brands in Pakistan

  • Evee C1
  • Evee C1 Air
  • Evee Flipper
  • Crown Group E-Scooters
  • Yadea EV Scooter

Evee C1

Evee C1 is one of Evee’s flagship models, designed to give a smooth and effective traveling experience. The Evee C1 sets itself apart as a reliable choice for city dwellers with its stylish exterior and strong build. The C1 has an impressive electric motor that provides great acceleration and a maximum speed of 55 km/h.. It makes an ideal journey 50–60 km, shorter to medium distance.

Evee C1 Air

Evee launched the C1 Air, which featured esthetics and performance. The C1 Air’s compact size allows it to pass through crowded urban streets with ease. This e-scooter’s better battery system enables greater range and easy refueling, ensuring travelers have continuous rides. The electric scooter, enabled by 72V, 35Ah graphene batteries, seeks to change modern transport.

Evee Flipper

Evee offers its Flipper model for those looking for a versatile and comfortable scooter. It combines the mobility of a convertible scooter with the power of a standard e-scooter. Whether it’s routing traffic or seamlessly switching between various types of transit, the Flipper excels in the 35–40 km range at giving hassle-free services for city people.

Crown Group electric scooter

Crown Group is also making notable advances into the Pakistani e-scooter sector with its new electric vehicle models. They produce two valuable scooters on demand while focusing on performance and durability. With TTFAR technology, it boasts a maximum speed, which makes it incredible. 

Yadea EV Scooter

Yadea, a well-known international electric vehicle company, has launched its EV scooter in Pakistan. It is famous for its innovative design and high build quality. It offers amazing reliability and performance. The Yadea EV scooter, which has cutting-edge features such as rechargeable brakes and smart connecting options, sets precedent for electric transportation in Pakistan.



Which battery is best for an electric scooter?

Lithium-ion batteries are best for EV scooters, as these batteries consume a high density of energy and are light in weight.


What is the electric scooter’s mileage per charge?

An e-scooter can travel about 35 to 40 kilometers on a full charge. However, Simple Energy One Max. Range is one of the best EVs that covers 212 km of journey.


What is the average engine power of E bikes?

An effective electric vehicle has 250–750 watts of motor power.


What is the estimated life of an EV battery?

Based on various factors, it varies, but it takes approximately 3–5 years to last.


How many hours can a full-charged EV travel?

It takes almost 10 to 12 hours for the power to last. However, depending on the roads and driving, it can change.


What is the average cost of EV scooters in Pakistan?

Electric scooters are now in demand due to their best usage. The average price of an EV starts at Rs. 250,000.


Which company scooters are best in Pakistan?

S Jaguar Motorcycles, Evee, Honda Activa 6G, Hyundai Kona Electric, and Hyundai Kona Electric are the best companies’ E vehicles.

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