Chery tiggo 4 pro

Chery tiggo 4 pro

Chery introduced the new model, Tiggo 4 Pro, in March 2022 in the automobile industry. It is the most recent brand new car, with a graceful interior style that provides an outstanding gateway. Its cutting-edge technology leaves an indelible mark on the small SUV market. This car has an amazing appearance and a strong performance.


Tiggo 4 Pro price in Pakistan is Rs. 69 lacs.


One of the key points of the Tiggo 4 Pro is its value addition. At an affordable price, it offers a lot of features that are usually seen in high-end models. It provides premium interior luxuries that improve your driving experience.


It comes with refinement from all angles. Its modern, sleek design distinguishes it from competitors, with dynamic shapes and attractive accents that capture focus on the road. The designers exactly crafted the unique front grille and slim LED headlights to convey an outclass look.

Vibrant Display

Tiggo 4 Pro features a large 7 cluster screen, a 10.25 HD audio screen, and an 8″ AC touch display. Its seats are covered with wonderful leather and contain stunning red stitches, conveying grace and smoothness. When you drive, you’ll find yourself in a peaceful, comfortable, budget-friendly environment.

Rapid speed

The Tiggo 4 Pro delivers a powerful punch thanks to its energetic performance. It has a fast 1.5 TCI engine that has 108 KW at 5500 rpm. Its fluid gearbox system provides easy acceleration and precise steering in any driving situation. Whether crossing the streets or difficult terrain, this 9-speed CVT transmission and SUV maintain stability and confidence, providing an exciting journey.

Advanced technology

The Tiggo 4 Pro sets the latest innovative features, such as a powered sunroof, Bluetooth key, and wireless engine. It takes your driving pleasure to the next level. It has security equipment such as dual air bags, electric stability control, TPMS, hill climbing assist, and Descend support, providing ease on every drive.

The car combines simplicity with flexibility, having sufficient cabin space and headroom to ensure pleasant travel for all passengers. The large box has ample storage for all of your travel necessities, ensuring your trip goes flawlessly.

Fuel average

The Tiggo 4 Pro’s naturally powered engine and drive train. It provides an excellent fuel efficiency round about 14KM/L to 15KM/L and ease of operation, power output, improved transfer ability, and faster switch action. The powerhouse boasts performance, which means the car is durable and realistic for long drives. It has the ability to generate 145 hp and 210nm of torque at a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour.


In conclusion, the launch of the Tiggo 4 Pro marks a significant milestone for Chery and the automotive industry. With its blend of style, performance, and advanced features, the Tiggo 4 Pro sets a new standard for what a compact SUV can achieve. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a safety-conscious driver, or simply seeking a comfortable and stylish ride, the Tiggo 4 Pro has something to offer for everyone.


Is the Tiggo 4 Pro available in hybrid or electric versions?

Currently, the Tiggo 4 Pro comes with a traditional diesel engine. However, Chery may consider hybrid or electric models in the future to market.


What distinguishes the Tiggo 4 Pro from other compact SUVs in its segment?

It comes out with its sophisticated functions, stylish layout, and cheap cost, making it a desirable choice for attentive customers.


Does the Tiggo 4 Pro allow you to customize interior aspects?

Yes, it has a variety of inside customization choices, allowing consumers to adapt their preferences.


What security features are available with the Tiggo 4 Pro?

Tiggo includes a lots of safety options, such as adaptive cruise controls, collision prevention systems, lane-departing warning, and others, to provide the best protection for riders.


Where can I try out the Tiggo 4 Pro before buying it?

You may schedule a test drive for the Tiggo 4 Pro at your authority Chery dealer.

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