Punjab government bike scheme – apply online

A UK survey shows that 70% of parents consider biking skills essential for their children. In this modern age, there are so many transportation facilities, but our students are still dependent on local transit because of a lack of resources. The students need to overcome logistic hurdles and strive for their studies with unusual ease by being given dependable and affordable means of transport.

By seeking solutions to the problems, recently Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced the Punjab Bike Scheme 2024, which aims to promote transport facilities for students throughout Punjab. This initiative implies empowering students and upholding greater opportunities for educational and social growth.

punjab bike scheme apply online 2024

Punjab government bike scheme

Punjab government bike scheme promises to provide 20000 bikes to the students, of which 1000 are electric and 19000 are petrol. They offer interest-free loans for purchasing bikes and easy installments to facilitate and encourage college and university students. For this purpose, they had agreements with the Bank of Punjab to fund citizens.

Punjab bike scheme installment plan

The installment plan was just conceived to reduce students’ financial strain. For electric bikes, they have a monthly deposit of Rs. 10,000, whereas fuel bikes have a lower monthly cost of Rs. 5,000. Initial Payment (one-time) of Rs. 25,000, as reported by the media This flexible payment system allows students to accept environmentally friendly transport choices without compromising their budget.

Bike scheme for students apply online

The distribution of vehicles will be based on merit and equality. To comply with the scheme, a draw will be held on May 9, 2024, to award bikes equally among qualified, eligible students.

To ensure gender equality in transportation, authorities decided to implement a quota for students in the Punjab Government Bike Scheme 2024. In cities, male and female students will receive bikes equally. In rural areas, a 70% quota of bikes has been specified for male students and 30% for females.

The government promotes these programs to improve transportation access for a bright future. The program helps to reduce carbon emissions through green transportation choices. It will lay the foundation for a more environmentally friendly future.


The CM Punjab bike scheme’s objective is to offer easy and cost-effective transit to the citizens of Punjab. They focus on people who need it, including students, the poor, and those who would have problems getting around. This program intends to boost travel and increase opportunities for career and educational potential. Ultimately, it will help in the social growth of the province of Punjab by giving qualified citizens cheap or heavily discounted bikes. The program can also try to lessen dependency on public transit and encourage people’s mobility. They will be self-confident and make general economic success and social engagement easier.


How do I register for the Punjab bike scheme?

Punjab bike scheme registration process has not yet started, but it is expected that it will start soon. Students can visit the BOP office and record applications for this purpose. Then they will get related information on sites.

What are the eligibility criteria for punjab bike scheme 2024?

  • Status: The candidates who apply for this scheme must be enrolled in an educational institution of the Punjab government.
  • Age: Students who fit into a specific age group, between 18 and 30, are generally eligible.
  • Records: students must have strong academic performance. The selection will be on merit.
  • Residence: Candidates must be citizens of Pakistani Punjab state.
  • Financial Distress: Children from lower incomes or need-based families are preferred for this scheme.

Which bank is accepting applications for the scheme?

The Bank of Punjab is taking initiatives along with the Punjab government.

How can I submit an application?

In order to apply for the scheme, there will be an online procedure for filling out a out a form that will be updated on the official website soon.

Can all districts of Punjab be given motorbikes?

CM Punjab announced to give bikes all over the Punjab cities. But it will vary according to the area and budget of this project.

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