Toyota Land cruiser Prado 2024: New look and feel

Toyota Land cruiser Prado 2024: New look and feel
Toyota Land cruiser Prado 2024: New look and feel

Toyota Prado 2024

The latest generation of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is 4th which was launched by the company in 2009. In the world, it is available in 3-door and 5-door versions but the 5-door version is available in Pakistan. This masterpiece has three versions including VX 4.0 (Petrol), TX 3.0D (Diesel), and VX 3.0 (Diesel). Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is one of the famous cars in Pakistan. Its latest 4th generation is much more expensive than the prior versions of this vehicle.



It has a length of 4855 mm, a Height of 1845 mm with a Weight of 1938 mm.


  • 3.0 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Inline-4 Diesel
  • 3.0 Liter DOHC 16 Valve Dual VVT-I Inline-4
  • 4.0 Liter DOHC 24 Valve Dual VVT-I V6


The Exterior design of Prado 2024 no doubt has a separate fan base due to its great unique looks. Some people may not like the design. Additionally, the new version of Prado 2024 does not have a strong and endurable body in comparison to the older versions. Let’s discuss the latest model, the SUV is completely transformed by the facelift. The excellent look is considerable due to the front grille sidewise and the LED lights. The value admiring SUV is the rear of luxury.


Toyota Prado 2024 has a spacious and comfortable interior. To stretch and relax there is space available for the passengers that add the value to reduce the impact of driving and traveling stress and tiredness. It not have a fancy dashboard with easy and quick-to-understand options. Moreover, the addition of one seat in the third row converts into a 7-seater car while the prior models of the Prado family not offer built-in third-row seats. It looks pretty as it has a beige room along the wooden trim. The similarity of this model’s interior is with the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series because the buttons are not modern but fulfill the working requirements. In conclusion, the interior of Prado 2024 is elegant.


  • The 4-speed transmission is Automatic
  • The 5-speed transmission is Manual / Automatic
  • While the 6-speed transmission is Manual / Automatic

Fuel Average

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2024 provides a 10 KM/L average projected range of 760 KM with 76 Liter fuel tank capacity and 988KM projected range on the highway at 13 KM/L.

Price in Pakistan

The Toyota Prado 2024 price in Pakistan depends on the variant you are looking for. According to the Toyota Prado ex-factory prices, the TX 2.7L variant (base) price is Rs. 66, 600,000 while the VX 2.8L D variant (topline) price is Rs.75, 550,000.

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