Metro T9 electric scooter

Metro T9 electric scooter

Metro is one of the dominant brands of electric vehicles operating in Pakistan. Company is contributing towards the environment by the launch of various electric vehicles. These e bikes equipped with modern technology and meet the standards of quality demanded internationally. The company’s first 2 wheeler electric scooter, the MetroT9 model launched in the starting of January of 2023. Metro T9 as an electric scooter making the journey of riders smooth and comfortable for daily and urban commuting.

Price in Pakistan

Metro T9 electric scooter is originate with the collaboration of Yedea’s with motorcycles of metro. The price of Metro T9 electric bike is PKR 260,000 in Pakistan. It consume electricity 2.5 units with range of 105 km per burden.


The Metro T9 electrical engine make its unique with the TTFAR type of motor. This e bike has a speed of 45 km per hour with grapheme battery. The incredible performance is expected with 12 wheel size. Additionally, it has 60 Voltage with a powerful battery of 38Ah. The rear and front tires have no tubes with a size of 100-90 inches. The type of body frame is steel.


The Metro T9 consist of a lock system that works automatic and an anti-theft alarm is also adding the value of this electric scooter. The lights works well to signal the supplementary riders, efficient and smooth performance ensured by the brakes. Additionally, it comprised of rear and front LED lights with the disc brakes.


The speed, mileage, and charging time of this model of Metro riders can check through the elegant digital speedometer. The electric scooter also have enough space to store the necessary items or personal belongings. The Metro T9 design is available in two colors including white and red color.

Preservation and Carefulness Instructions

To increase the life years of vehicle some important maintenance and care ideas should be done. These tips are as follows:

  • Battery carefulness: The user of vehicle must follow the specific time to charge the electric scooter. Adequate charging ensure the safe experience and reduce the chances of battery damage. The 5 hours is suitable charging time for Metro T9.
  • Periodic examinations: The holders should do periodic instructions to inspect for any noticeable signs of destruction. Nevertheless, holders must maintain the accurate tyre density of Metro T9.

How’s the Metro T9 electric scooter performance?

Metro T9 generates a horsepower of 600 hp and torque of 85.0 Nm, which provides a fast and secure ride.

The secure and fast ride offered by the Metro T9 with the 600 hp horsepower and 85.0 Nm of torque. This scooter also has a feature of an electric button start with a unified battery that removes fuel requirements. 

Metro T9 Drive and Management

The Metro T9 has incredible double deferment system and a potent engine with an assortment of 105 km. It offers a smooth the holders experience over the bumpy and uneven roads. Its clearance of ground is 135mm and has a gasping weight of 120kg.


Metro T9 provides attractive design, well mileage and a reasonable battery. Its demand is relatively impacted due to its high price in the market.

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