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Electric scooters in pakistan 2024

Electric scooters in pakistan 2024

Electric scooters are also known as e-scooters. It is the latest innovation in the modern world, including Pakistan. These scooters are available at an affordable price. They deliver an eco-friendly mode of public transit. Initially, they were introduced as a novelty item, but now they have become a necessity for society. E-scooters provide an eco-friendly […]

Going Green: Honda’s Electric Motor Scooter Enters Pakistani Market

The first electric motor scooter from Honda, the massive Japanese automaker, was just introduced in Pakistan. The announcement has excited a lot of people, particularly environmentalists and those searching for a cost-effective, environmentally responsible form of transportation. Features With a 125cc engine and a peak speed of 100 km/h, the new electric motor scooter is […]

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