Toyota Corolla 12th generation

The Toyota Corolla, a brand that is widely associated with dependability and effectiveness, has left a lasting impression on the auto industry. With its svelte styling, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional performance, the 11th generation of this legendary sedan, the 2024 model, will perfectly captures the heritage of the Corolla brand.
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The Toyota Corolla, which debuted in 1966, has grown to rank among the world’s best-selling vehicles. Its voyage started in 1993 in Pakistan, where the Corolla and the country have been infatuated ever since. The Corolla’s market domination was further cemented with the 7th generation, which was locally built in Pakistan from 1998 to 2002. This generation also set a record for the longest domestically assembled Toyota vehicle worldwide.
Every generation that came before it included additional features and improvements. The 9th generation, which debuted in 2000 and included stability control and anti-lock brakes, raised the bar for safety. With a variety of engine options, the 10th generation, which debuted in 2009, helped to account for a notable 82.51 percent rise in sales in 2021.


The Toyota Corolla has long been renowned for its economical pricing, smooth ride, and fuel efficiency. The 2023 model, which is offered in Pakistan, comes with a variety of choices, such as the hybrid, 1.8-liter Altis Grande, and 1.6-liter Altis. The Corolla has modern safety features like vehicle stability control and seven airbags in addition to a touchscreen multimedia system that appeals to both safety-conscious and tech-savvy drivers.


The 2013-introduced 11th generation Toyota Corolla had two redesigns in 2017 and 2023, demonstrating Toyota’s dedication to innovation. Notably, the 1.3L versions were phased out in 2019 to make room for the Toyota Yaris. The outside was completely redesigned, with a trapezium air inlet, a wide grille with chrome accents, and slim side-swept headlamps.
The inside of the cabin is elegant and functional, with trim elements that combine beige and black. Safety and comfort are improved by the presence of an auto-dimming rearview mirror, seatbelt reminders, and two front airbags. With choices for beige and all-black themes, the Altis X 1.6 Special Edition’s interior has been updated for 2023.


The Toyota Corolla 2023 has a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 173 Nm of torque and a total of 138 horsepower under the hood. A 1.6-liter four-cylinder variant is also available, which generates 120 horsepower and 154 Nm of torque. Both versions have a mileage of 12 km/L in city traffic and 14 km/L on the highway thanks to the dual VVTI engine.


Pakistani automobile consumers would find the smooth and well-balanced ride of the Toyota Corolla 2023 intriguing. Although the body rolling may be more pronounced than in other competitors, the light steering and powerful brakes make for a smooth and pleasurable drive. The 2023 models are more agile than the ones that came before them, which makes for a smooth and pleasant ride.


Since it has been on the Pakistani market for so long, the Toyota Corolla has benefited from easy access to repairs and inspections as well as a large supply of spare parts. The Corolla competes in a market with strong rivals like the Hyundai Elantra and Honda Civic. While the Elantra has more clever features like wireless charging and movable rear seats, the Civic has a turbo engine and sleeker looks.
To sum up, the Toyota Corolla X keeps up its reputation as a dependable, cozy, and effective car. It continues to be a popular option for Pakistani drivers looking for a daily commute that balances performance and practicality because to its long heritage and dedication to innovation.


Engine Water cooled, In-Line 4 cylinders
Fuel Supply System Sequential Multi-port Fuel Injection (SFI)
Valve Train 16-Valve DOHC with Dual VVT-i
Displacement 1598 cc
Max Power 140 hp at 6000 rpm
Max Torque 126 lb-ft at 4400 rpm
Transmission 6-speed automatic
Drive Train Front-wheel drive
Fuel Economy (City) 10 km/liter
Fuel Economy (Highway) 11 km/liter
0-60 mph 8.2 seconds
Length 4410 mm
Width 1695 mm
Height 1470 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm
Curb Weight 1060 kg
Seating Capacity 5

Performance and fuel economy are improved by the Dual VVT-i engine found in the Toyota Corolla X.

The Toyota Corolla X’s engine is 1,598 cc, or 1.6 liters, in displacement.

Certainly, the Toyota Corolla X’s Dual VVT-i engine guarantees peak performance and fuel economy.

There are many versions of the Toyota Corolla X that come with different features and technical details.

To accommodate a range of tastes, the Toyota Corolla X is offered in three distinct configurations: Corolla X ALTIS MT 1.6, Corolla X ALTIS CVT 1.6L, and Corolla X ALTIS CVT 1.8L.

For ease of driving, the Toyota Corolla X is available with a manual or automatic transmission.

For a smoother driving experience, the Toyota Corolla X is offered with an automatic transmission.

With an average economy of 8–16 kilometers per liter, the Toyota Corolla X has outstanding fuel efficiency.

The Toyota Corolla X’s high mileage is a result of its fuel-efficient architecture, which includes the Dual VVT-i engine.

The Toyota Corolla X can accommodate up to five passengers in comfortable seats.

Yes, the Toyota Corolla X has roomy, comfy seats that make for a great ride.

For maximum performance and stability, the Toyota Corolla X’s front tires are 195/65/R15.

Although sticking to the tire size specified by the manufacturer is advised, there could be some customizing choices.

The Toyota Corolla X is a sedan body design that blends fashion and functionality.

Aerodynamics was taken into consideration during the creation of the Toyota Corolla X, which improved performance and fuel economy.

The Toyota Corolla X is efficient and flexible, running on [petrol/diesel/etc.] fuel.

A hybrid version of the Toyota Corolla X is not yet offered.

The gasoline tank of the Toyota Corolla X is large, carrying up to 13.2 gallons, or 50 liters, of petrol.

The Toyota Corolla X can go a long way on a full tank of gas thanks to its economical fuel usage.

The Toyota Corolla X has an astounding top speed range of 180 to 240 km/h.

The Toyota Corolla X, on the other hand, strikes a balance between speed and security to provide a safe driving environment.

The Toyota Corolla X’s Dual VVT-i engine improves power delivery, fuel economy, and overall driving enjoyment.

Cruise control is a feature that some Toyota Corolla X models include for improved driving ease.

7 number of airbags are standard on the Toyota Corolla X, putting passenger safety first.

For increased safety, the Toyota Corolla X may include automated emergency braking depending on the version.

The Toyota Corolla X is offered with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions.

It is true that some Toyota Corolla X models are equipped with a practical push-button ignition mechanism.

The Toyota Corolla X is presently only supplied with petrol engines; a diesel version is not yet available.

The Toyota Corolla X may be customized with a range of colors, such as  Attitude Black, Super White, Strong Blue, Phantom Brown, Silver, Graphite Grey.

Toyota occasionally releases Corolla X special edition colors, offering distinctive and limited-edition choices.

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