Yadea Electric Scooter in Pakistan – First Look Review

Yadea Electric Scooter

A well-known producer of electric cars, Yadea, just introduced their electric scooter in Pakistan. For those who care about the environment and are constantly searching for sustainable modes of transportation, this is a wonderful development.

Specification of Yadea Electric Scooter

The Yadea electric scooter boasts an eco-friendly, efficient, and easy design. With only one charge, the lithium-ion battery can propel it up to 70 kilometers. With its lightweight construction and peak speed of 45 km/h, the scooter is simple to navigate in dense traffic.

People’s Reaction

Reactions to the Yadea electric scooter’s introduction in Pakistan’s market have been inconsistent. Some predict that the growing popularity of eco-friendly transportation choices in the nation will make scooters a big hit. Some people have doubts about the scooter’s dependability and performance, which can have an impact on sales.

On the other hand, based on a worldwide trend, electric cars are becoming more and more well-liked because of their efficiency and sustainability. The Yadea electric scooter has the potential to be revolutionary in Pakistan, where air pollution is a serious problem. In addition, the Yadea electric scooter may benefit from increased gasoline prices and the demand for affordable mobility solutions.

Expected Price

The business has set a competitive pricing for the Yadea electric scooter in order to increase its accessibility to the Pakistani market. When compared to other electric cars on the market, the scooter’s price of Rs. 245,000 is fair. A further inducement for prospective customers is Yadea’s two-year or 20,000-kilometer warranty, whichever comes first.

Yadea Electric Scooter Features

Younger people may be drawn to the sleek and contemporary style of the Yadea electric scooter. It is available in three eye-catching hues: blue, black, and red. The scooter’s overall attractiveness is enhanced by its tubeless tires, digital display, and LED lighting.

Yadea asserts that their electric scooter can easily navigate uneven terrain and steep hills, allaying concerns about its performance. In order to conserve energy when braking, it also features a regenerative braking system. Yadea electric scooter battery is Lithium.


Overall, the Pakistani market for the Yadea electric scooter appears bright. It provides an affordable and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation for anyone who want to lessen their carbon impact. But how well the scooter functions in terms of dependability and user happiness is still up in the air.

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