Toyota Corolla X 12th Generation Features in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla X 12th GenerationFor many years, Pakistani automobile customers have favored the Toyota Corolla, and the 12th edition of the model is no different. It seems sense that Pakistani auto fans are talking a lot about the Toyota Corolla X given its sophisticated features, dependable performance, and svelte styling.

After its 2019 premiere in Pakistan, the Toyota Corolla X, now in its 12th generation, has swiftly risen to the top of the market’s most sought-after cars. Because it comes with an automatic and manual gearbox, the vehicle is a flexible choice for drivers who enjoy various driving sensations. A 7-inch infotainment system, automated climate control, and a push-start button are just a few of the cutting-edge amenities it offers.

Toyota Corolla X Features in Pakistan

The safety features of the Toyota Corolla X are among its most remarkable attributes. Many cutting-edge safety systems are included, such as automated emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. When a motorist has these measures installed, they may drive with confidence knowing that both they and their passengers are safe on the road.

Performance of Toyota Corolla X 2024

The Toyota Corolla X offers a pleasant and cozy ride in terms of performance. Its 1.8-liter engine generates 138 horsepower, which is more than plenty for the majority of drivers. With an average fuel economy of 14 kilometers per liter, the automobile is a cost-effective choice for those looking to reduce their gasoline expenses.

Toyota Corolla X 2024 Reviews

Reviews of the Toyota Corolla X are favorable from both auto professionals and fans. Its cutting-edge features, elegant appearance, and dependable operation have won it accolades. The Toyota Corolla X is a popular choice among Pakistani automobile buyers due to its exceptional value for money, surpassing that of other cars in its class. There are a handful that spring to mind when it comes to recent news stories on the Toyota Corolla X. One is the anticipated arrival of the car’s hybrid variant, which should be made available in Pakistan soon. With even greater fuel efficiency, this automobile will be an even more cost-effective choice for drivers.

Hybrid version of Toyota Corolla X in Pakistan

The recent alliance between Suzuki and Toyota, which may lead to the introduction of new automobiles in Pakistan in the upcoming years, is another trending issue. This collaboration may result in the introduction of new hybrid automobiles to the nation, which would be wonderful news for consumers seeking more environmentally friendly alternatives. 

The Toyota Corolla X is pertinent to the ongoing discourse in Pakistan over electric automobiles. Although they are not yet accessible in Pakistan, electric cars are scheduled to be made available there soon. Toyota may be among the first businesses to introduce an electric car in Pakistan if and when this occurs, which would be a huge step forward for the nation’s automotive sector.


In conclusion, Pakistani automobile buyers should seriously consider the Toyota Corolla X, which is in its 12th generation. It provides exceptional value for the money, dependable performance, and cutting-edge features. There’s no question that the Toyota Corolla X will remain a popular topic among automotive enthusiasts in Pakistan for decades to come, especially with the impending release of the hybrid version of the vehicle and the ongoing discussion around electric cars in the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Toyota Corolla X 12 Generation in Pakistan

Depending on the version and features, the Toyota Corolla X 12’s in Pakistan according to sources, estimated price is 8,700,000PKR.

A few varieties of the Toyota Corolla X 12 are available, such as the GLi, GLi Automatic, Altis, Altis CVT-i, and Altis Grande CVT-i.

The Toyota Corolla X 12’s fuel economy in Pakistan varies depending on the model and road circumstances. The vehicle delivers 8-12 kilometers per liter on average.

A 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine with 140 horsepower powers the Toyota Corolla X 12.

In certain of its models, the Toyota Corolla X 12 does indeed come with an automatic transmission.

A variety of color options, including Super White, Attitude Black, Bronze Mica, Phantom Brown, Silver Metallic, and Graphite Grey, are available for the Toyota Corolla X 12.

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