Chery Pakistan is launching Electric and Hybrid Cars in 2024

Chery Pakistan is ready to create a notable impact in the Pakistani automobile industry. Company is hoping a boost in sales with the launch of two new models in 2024. Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 PHEV are highly expected to be competitive in electric and hybrid vehicle categories.

chery omoda e5 in Pakistan

Chery Omoda E5 in Pakistan

Chery Omoda E5 is an electric vehicle that promises zero emissions, making it an ideal choice for eco-friendly individuals. Chery Omoda E5 offers a remarkable driving experience with its sleek design and cutting edge technology. This masterpiece is equipped with advanced battery technology. Chery Omoda E5 ensures a long-range capability, eliminating any range concerns that potential buyers may have.

Chery Jaecoo J7 in Pakistan

Chery Jaecoo J7 is a hybrid vehicle that offers benefits of electric power combined with the convenience of a traditional internal combustion engine. Jaecoo J7 plug in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) brings a powerful electric motor along with a fuel efficient engine. This providing an optimal balance between performance and fuel economy. Chery Jaecoo J7 offers a practical solution for daily commuting needs with the ability to run solely on electric power for shorter distances.


Most of the people are gradually moving towards sustainable transportation. So the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles has become essential. Chery Pakistan has taken a bold step forward by bringing these eco-friendly options to the Pakistani market. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for launch of Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 with increasing demand over climate change and rising fuel prices.

Safety Features in Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7

Chery Pakistan’s commitment to safety is evident in both these models. Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 are equipped with advanced safety features. These will ensure the protection of both the driver and passengers. These vehicles prioritize the safety with an array of airbags, electronic stability control and anti lock braking systems.

More Comfort and Luxury

Chery Pakistan understands the importance of providing a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 bring spacious interiors with high quality materials and state of the art infotainment systems. These models offer a seamless blend of comfort with convenience trendy design seating and user friendly interfaces.

Cost Effective

Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7 offer cost effective benefits with the rising fuel prices in Pakistan. These electric and hybrid vehicles provide a more affordable alternative. These will not only help to save on fuel costs but they also require less maintenance compared to traditional vehicles. This makes owning an Omoda E5 or Jaecoo J7 a wise investment in the long run.


In short, Chery Pakistan is all set to make a strong impact on the Pakistani automotive industry with the launch of Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7. These models represent the future of transportation. They are offering eco-friendly options without compromising on performance, safety, or comfort. As the country looks towards a greener future, these vehicles are sure to find their place on the roads of Pakistan. So, get ready to experience the thrill of driving an electric or hybrid vehicle with Chery Pakistan’s newest additions to their lineup.

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